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Jan 30th, 2011 - New Paradigm Digest

The mission of New Paradigm Digest is to discover those individuals and organizations that are the catalysts of conscious evolution in which intelligence and creativity serve life that may lead us out of the mad world we live in and into the potential of co-creating heaven on earth.

On occasion, I discover an exceptional example like Gunter Pauli’s recent breakthrough book, The Blue Economy and his organization, ZERI. I am delighted to alert you to another exciting and hopeful visionary development.

As an introduction to this breakthrough, please listen to this fascinating podcast that explores the extraordinary work of Dr. Norberto R. Keppe. Click here to tune in.

Dr. Keppe is the creator of Integral Psychoanalysis or Analytical Trilogy, and author of over 30 books on psycho-socio-pathology. Keppe integrates the fields of science, philosophy and spirituality. His universal approach integrates the work of many scientists, philosophers and theologians throughout history.

Keppe’s work provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the psychological and social causes of our myriad problems, as well as the tools to solve them. The end result, then, is to vastly improve the quality of life of all human beings, the society we live in and the planet as a whole. His perception of the problem of ” inversion “as the central cause of all human illnesses (organic, psychological and social) brings a total new paradigm for the 3rd Millennium.

Keppe appears to be the Einstein of our age. His new paradigm inversion theory and practice turns physics on its head. He suggests that matter is a consequence of energy-not the other way around. His is a spiritual science, totally harmonious and in tune with nature. If you believe energy comes from matter, you destroy the earth to get at it, as in oil and uranium, and create toxic waste streams as a consequence. If you believe matter comes from energy, you tap the field and have an unlimited non-polluting source of energy.

Keppe’s new paradigm has produced the high efficiency Keppe Motor, currently in development that is the focus of the podcast above, a series of books exploring his discovery and its impact on culture and potential for harmonizing our world, radio and television programs in over 20 countries, and a school to teach these ideas.

Following is a very brief description of our current world situation and the inverted path solution that Dr, Keppe offers as his gift to the world. It is taken from the educational website, STOP the Destruction of the World , where you will find much more great information. It is interesting to note that this organization was founded in Paris 15 years ago and yet this work has only today come to my attention through the podcast and subsequent connection to the linked websites.

We must become aware of our unconscious tendency for destruction if we are to stop the destruction of ourselves and our planet. Our psychological Inversion causes us to create deterioration in many healthy aspects of our lives to varying degrees. Only by acknowledging this fundamental problem can a genuine and effective solution be achieved. Without this understanding, humankind will continue to find more sophisticated ways to destroy itself and the planet.

It is essential that human beings understand the primary cause of this destruction. Because we are the only living beings who act against nature, mass consciousness of this psychological issue is fundamental. This is what gives rise to all our other problems – social, economic, ecological, etc. Our unconscious Inversion causes us to choose destruction rather than health and well being. Without an understanding of this psychological reality, we can do nothing to save ourselves. Our destructive technology has been developed to such a degree that we are today on the brink of destroying ourselves and our planet.

This is why it is urgent for individuals and organizations to cooperate in helping to preserve life and civilization — governments, schools, churches, media outlets, NGOs, community and activist groups and all other people of good will must collaborate if we’re to have any chance of arresting ecocide and saving our world.

Proposals from the Norberto Keppe School unanimously approved by the STOP the Destruction of the World Forum include:

1. Unification of Science, Philosophy and Theology.

2. Conscientization of psycho-social-pathology (psychological and social illness).

3. Creation of new organizations (companies, residences, schools) to achieve real psychological, social and ecological development.

4. Creation of companies where work is the basis of capital.

5. Organization of an education system (schools and universities) to develop both the universal individual and society (based on beauty, truth and goodness).

6. Favor the development of arts as the foundation of all culture and civilization.

Here is one of Dr. Keppe’s books.

“I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Keppe about the factors that create disease and prevent true healing. If we adopt the therapeutic suggestions contained here, we, our families and our society will experience healthier and more joyful lives.”
Bernie Siegel, M.D. and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

In this provocative book, Keppe shows how the keystone of mental, physical and social illness is our unconscious resistance to goodness, truth and beauty, and as a result, a battle is waged both within us and against others. Richly illustrated with examples taken from more than 30 years of clinical research, Keppe uncovers the real reasons we undermine our health, stifle our talents and sabotage our success.

This book will help you: a) Learn the principles that have helped heal so many people around the world, b) Gain resourcefulness and resilience, c) Become a happier, healthier, more balanced person, d) Open the door to a brighter future for yourself and those you love.

Source: http://newparadigmdigest.com/5250/a-new-physics-of-life/


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