ABINEE sets up meeting with Keppe Motor about Electric Bicycles
June 20, 2011 - Keppe Motor

ABINEE – The Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Elétrica e Eletrônica) invited the Keppe Motor to participate in a meeting with electric bicycle manufacturers General Wings and EcoStart to present initiatives the Keppe Motor could offer to help develop the electric bicycle manufacturing industry in Brazil. The meeting was held on June 17, 2011 at ABINEE's headquarters. Representatives from the Asten and Emicol companies were also present at the meeting. Both companies are potential manufacturers of the Keppe Motor as an alternative to the dominant electric bicycle motors currently being imported from Asia.

According to ABINEE and reports from manufacturers, using the Keppe Motor on electric bicycles will offer a number of benefits to both manufacturers and the consumer, namely a reduction in battery weight, an increase in driving range, reductions in manufacturing costs and export opportunities.

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