“I participated at your fantastic presentation on Sept. 4th in Schloss Hofen, Lochau, Austria.
You mentioned, that we can ask you directly for the instructions on the >Electromagnetic Turbo System. Me and my friend G. (he was also at the Congress) would like to experiment with the Keppe-Motor.
We hope, to hear soon from you and send our warm thank you for the great gift, that you all bring into the world.”
G.S. – Salzburg, Austria.

“I think the presentation from the Keppe Team was great and concerning the technology the best of the congress.
Most of the participants of the congress confirmed that.
Again give my best wishes to the engineers – I wish them all the best and the necessary luck for further developments.”
L.G. Berlin, Germany.

“I can be counted as an enthusiast, when I first came across the motor, I viewed it with skepticism purely because of the fact that things that I learned at school were proven to be wrong here, almost. But I have very authentic reasons to believe that the technology is true and has the potential to effect the course of our world. It is said in no uncertain or romantic manner, the implications of this new technology if harnessed will change our world.

There are some very dedicated and honest people working hard day and night on this new technology, and it is absolutely heart warming and enlightening to see that they are not driven by profiteering alone. I wish more idealist and honest people scattered across all of the plant will come forward to recognize and promote their beautiful work.

Sure we will run across skeptics and non-believers, as I do when I read around for people’s reactions to the motor, but a lot of this is fueled by the fact that the new technology contradicts known conventions. I would like to think that there is no malice involved if one wishes to oppose the principles of the motor, rather constructive criticism and a healthy debate is always welcome. Unfortunately there are those who are inconsiderate and
are blind to the existence and development of alternative solutions. This attitude of non-consideration is not limited to science alone, unfortunately this arrogance is found everywhere.

My initial concern was with the usage of the technology, as is quite evident it has far reaching consequences. The people behind the motor are doing everything they can to make the technology available for further development and also to develop it for good. I wish for all of us to be careful and ensure that we let the motor grow in public acceptance.”
Shibashis R., India

“I am interested in supporting your cause. I have researched your development and agree that your motor is revolutionary.”

“I came to know through internet about Keppe Motor. I think it is a great invention and a boon for society, if it is really what i understand as the most efficient motor which can run at 25% of electricity compared to present available motor. I want to know whether it is available commercially.

Please see that right now our country Nepal is facing Huge Power Shortage, here we have daily 16-18 hours of power-cut, and all industries are running on Diesel-Generators. If at this time we can make avail the motor you have invented to Nepal Market,it can really be a life-saver for Nepalese Industries.

Please let us know if you can support us if we like to marketize or manufacture the motor under royalty license with your organisation.”
K.A., Nepal

“I do admire your invention and would like to be a part of your technology commercialization in Thailand and Korea.
I am currently promoting green energy development through my PEN in Thailand.
Please advise how would you like to have Thailand as a base of your manufacturing to support SE Asian market. I look forward to a hearing from you soonest.”
B.N., Thailand

“What a phenomenal motor Keppe and Associates have developed, we celebrate your victory! As Dr. Keppe is aware, he will need plenty of assistance getting his motor to the people of the world …”
T.S., Director, USA

“I have been interested in several promising  ideas with magnetic motors and I think there is a good chance this is the next best invention..”
G.V.D., Engineer, USA

“Fascinating work, I look forward to building one of your motors!”
D.M., Research Scientist, USA

“We are very interested in building and studying this.”
C.D. and A.D., Engineer, USA “Please release this information as quickly as possible, before it dissapears!”
J.P., Canada

“Thank you for your effort!” J.F.,
Student, Austria “I heard you on Free Energy Now and wondered if you could use this motor to generate electricity as is being done with wind generators? Might be another avenue for you to pursue.”
K.C., Canada 

“Very interested! I hope it lives up to its promise …”
J.K. Australia

“If I can do anything to help or support, please don`t hesitate to let me know, thanks a lot.” M.G., Engineer, Switzerland

“Good luck with your excellent work!!!”
S.W., System Developer, Sweden

“If I’m reading correctly, there would be a power input of about 0.6W to have a 60W equivalent motor. Now, a motor can drive a generator and this would mean I could gain (without taking in account frictional and other losses in the generator) a power output from the generator of about 59W. Are there any experiments done by coupling a Keppe Motor to a generator? And if so, are the results (or a video) available? With friendly regards.”
V.K., Belgium

“I have been researching key technologies that have been used in various motor applications and I found that solution offered by the Keppe Motor is unique. I would like to know more about your interesting discoveries.” 
Chandrakumar BJ, India

“Only hope for the better world!”
J.M., Retired, Australia

“I am hearing a lot about this principle lately and I want to contribute towards ending worldwide pollution.”
H.J., Legal Advisor, The Netherlands

“Very interested in building and studying this.”
C.D. and A.D., Engineer, USA “Love the idea, a heart warming invention.”
R.K., Physician MD, Curaçao

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