Keppe Motor Wins Innovation and Technology

Two top awards at their networking and awards dinner held Oct 13th in Hong Kong.

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Global Leap Award

Global LEAP Award led by US Department of Energy is international competition that identifies and promotes the world’s best, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances

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“The Fundamental Mistake in Physics Is of the Equation of Energy with Matter”

Norberto R. Keppe

Keppe Motor receives “2017 Technological Innovation Power Award”

On July 25, during the 29th Electric, Eletronic, Power and Automation Industry Trade Show (FIEE), Official awarding of 2017 Technological Innovation Power Award.


Keppe Motor

In his landmark book, The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics, Dr. Norberto Keppe shows us how the inverted concepts in Physics (as well as biology and psychology) have proposed a totally upside down view of reality. Science has reached a dead-end because of the incorrect idea that energy comes from the electron, leading to the name “electronics.” In his follow up book to the New Physics, Magnetonics: The Science of Magnetism, Keppe expands on Nicola Tesla’s idea of the existence of essential energy (Tesla called it “scalar energy”), and it is this fundamental innovation that has led to the development of the Keppe Motor.

Keppe Motor was invited to participate in the Global Grand Challenges (GGCs) Awards

This important event will be showcasing the world’s most promising social impact tech companies and will be teaming up with global Development Organizations, NGOs, and Corporate Partners to bring attention, connections, opportunities, resources, and recognition to the companies and projects which are capable of making the most significant positive impact on GGCs through their use of exponential technology.

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“Grand Prize”  e Keppe Motor Wins The Grand Prize of 17th HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products

The Keppe Motor has been tested and shown to use up to 90% less energy compared to traditional fractional single-phase AC induction motors, and is up to 20% more efficient than the latest electronically controlled DC brushless motors.

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Prêmio Silver no Keppe Motor is selected as finalist in the 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards in USA.

Keppe Motor, the award winning energy efficient motor technology, participated in the 2015-16 Global Leap Award, in San Francisco, California, and has been selected as Finalist in the Off Grid Fan Category.

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Em Destaque

Latest Keppe Motor news: Efficiency Test – 1 HP motor


On May 31st, 2016 performance tests were carried out on Keppe Motor at Advanced Energy motor laboratory, in the United States.
Four prototypes of permanent magnet motors were tested in the presence of three representatives of Keppe Motor.

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Keppe Motor is selected as finalist in the 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards in USA.


San Francisco, California, EUA – May 26, 2016 – Keppe Motor, the award winning energy efficient motor technology, is participating in the Global Leap Award 2016, in San Francisco, California, and has been selected as Finalist in the Off Grid Fan Category.

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New Physics

In his landmark book, The New Physics, Dr. Norberto Keppe outlines the basis for a new physics that transcends the postulates of Newton and Einstein and even the proposals coming from the realm of quantum physics. Keppe’s book is a bold and prophetic re-thinking of the essential building blocks of science that promises to lead humanity to profoundly higher levels of technological and social development.

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What is a Keppe Motor ?

The Keppe Motor is highly efficient magnetic resonance motor based on the principles outlined in the book “The New Physics – Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics” by the well respected  independent physics researcher Dr. Norberto R. Keppe. According to Keppe energy doesn’t come from matter, the process is actually the opposite, meaning that matter comes from a previous, primary energy called Essential Energy, which is infinite and exists everywhere in the entire universe.  

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008A New Technology for a New World

Keppe Motors are suitable for use as environmentally friendly alternatives where traditional, inefficient electric motors are currently being used. They can also help to improve your latest innovative projects by powering them into the highest performance and efficiency ratings. Additionally, some of our models are Solar Panel Ready, meaning all you need to do is plug then directly into a solar panel for highly efficient and economical operation.

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banner-educacao-1Education – Instructional Material

Discover the science of the Keppe Motor at the Keppe Pacheco Institute of Science & Technology, the very backbone of the Keppe Motor Technology. Courses and educational materials are available.

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002Suitable for a number of applications

The Keppe Motor can be designed to replace most of the electric motors which are now used in a variety of different applications. It can replace single/polyphase induction motors, DC brushed/brushless motors, synchronous AC motors, Universal brushed high speed AC motors, reluctance motors etc.

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