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Keppe & Pacheco Instituto

Discover the science of the Keppe Motor at the Keppe Pacheco Institute of Science & Technology, the very backbone of the Keppe Motor Technology. Courses and educational materials are available.

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Explore the many practical and advanced applications of the Keppe Motor and determine quickly how it can dramatically improve your production and product.

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Purchase Keppe Motor related products including the NEW Universe Ceiling Fan, Books, "DIY" Kits & Manuals.

What is a Keppe Motor?

The Keppe Motor is highly efficient magnetic resonance motor based on the principles outlined in the book The New Physics - Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics by the well respected independent physics researcher Dr. Norberto R. Keppe for additional information. According to Keppe energy doesn’t come from matter, the process is actually the opposite, meaning that matter comes from a previous, primary energy called Essential Energy, which is infinite and exists everywhere in the entire universe.

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  • Books & Articles

    Read excerpts from Norberto Keppe's landmark book The New Physics Derived From a Disinverted Metaphysics. Browse for additional Keppe Motor related books & articles, discover more about the founding science of Analytical Trilogy and the scientists behind the motor.

  • Keppe Motor Media

    Watch informative videos about the Keppe Motor! Meet the scientists and engineers behind this revolutionary technology and discover more about the science and scientist who fathered it. Here you will also find episodes from the Thinking with Somebody Else's Head radio program that talk about the Keppe Motor.

  • Keppe Motor Patents

    View Keppe Motor patents from around the world including from the United States of America, The People's Republic of China and Mexico.

  • Keppe Motor Forum

    Connect with Keppe Motor fans, scientists, engineers, educators and common people in our forums. See what others are doing with the Keppe Motor around the globe.

Keppe Motor Applications

There are many different types of Keppe Motors at various stages of development and mass production. The can be used in the place of any current existing standard electric motor. Keppe Motors run very cool compared to traditional motors and as such are also much safer and practical for use in demanding environments.


The Keppe Motor is being studied by educational institutions around the world. Keppe Motor scientists and engineers are committed to working with your institution to study, develop and educate others about this revolutionary technological innovation and the landmark science behind it.

Environmentally Conscious Products

It’s no secret that consumers are actively searching out more efficient, environmentally sustainable products for their homes and work places. The Keppe motor’s energy use savings of up to 90% provide significant solutions for these conscious consumers.

Environmentally Friendly Projects

Need a highly efficient, economical motor for your solar- or wind-powered project? Or for an electric bike project? The possibilities are endless.

Social Projects

The Keppe Motor is committed to making the global community a better place for all people, especially those in developing areas where resources and jobs are scarce. All around the world, individuals are working with the Keppe Motor to improve their communities.

Energy Savings

Trying to conform to the new, demanding governmental energy standards that are being instituted around the world? Want to make your home or business greener while avoiding outrageous electricity bills!

High Tech

The Keppe Motor is one of the most advanced technologies in the world and as such is suitable for use in high tech applications where efficiency, safety and dependability are paramount.

October 10, 2014

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014

Keppe Motor, the newest and most efficient electric motor technology, invites you to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014.

The Keppe Motor team invites you to join us at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) - Asia's Largest Autumn Electronics Fair. It’ll be a great chance to learn more about this ground-breaking, energy efficient technology, which is delivering remarkable results.


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